To The Country
Comfort Bringers iBook, 2015
Collection edited and with a Foreword written by Adam Klein

Contributors include: Rae Bryant; Maria Bustillos; Brian Evenson; Paul Kingsnorth; J. Robert Lennon; Rick Moody; Jim Shepard; Melanie Rae Thon; Lynne Tillman; and Joy Williams.




The Gifts of the State:
New Writing from Afghanistan

Dzanc, 2013
Collection edited and with Foreword by Adam Klein

See also: “The Sea Floor” by Khalid Ahmad Atif published in Guernica Magazine in August 2013 and “The Hasher” by Abdul Shakoor Jawad published in Witness Magazine in April 2013

“Everything Inside Us”
short story
California Prose Directory 2016: New Writing from the Golden State
Edited by Sarah LaBrie

“The House of Songs”
short story
Your Impossible Voice
Issue 9, Fall 2015


short story
October 3, 2014

"Everything Inside Us"
short story
Issue 5, Spring 2014

Tiny Ladies
rEprint: Dzanc Books, 2014
Serpent's Tail Books, February 2003

The Medicine Burns
short story collection
rEprint: Dzanc Books, 2014
High Risk/Serpent’s Tail Books, June 1995

"Three Who Did Not Return"
Fiction International
46, Real Time/Virtual, Fall 2013

"A Hardship Post"
Fourteen Hills
Volume 18.1, January 2012
*Pushcart Prize nomination, 2012

"The Children on the Hill"
short story
Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Arts
Vol. 36, No. 1, Spring/Summer 2009

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Vital Signs:
Essential AIDS Fiction

anthology, includes the short story “Dr. K”
Carroll & Graf, 2007
Edited by Richard Canning, Foreword by Dale Peck

Contributors include: Allen Barnett; Anne Beattie; Rebecca Brown; Jane Delynn; David Feinberg; Thomas Glave; Robert Glück; Andrew Holleran; David Leavitt; Peter McGehee; Carole Maso; Dale Peck; Abraham Verghese; Matias Viegener; John Weir; Edmund White; and David Wojnarowicz

Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache:
Adventures in the First Person

Alyson Books, 2004
anthology, includes an excerpt of the novel Tiny Ladies
Edited by Clint Catalyst and Michelle Tea

Contributors include: Charles Anders; Lisa Archer; Cheryl B.; Don Baird; Dodie Bellamy; Leo Blackwater; Cara Bruce; Daniel Cartier; Clint Catalyst; Dennis Cooper; El Lute; Jayson Elliot; Mark Ewert; Amelia G.; Pleasant Gehman; Trebor Healey; Thea Hillman; Kathe Izzo; Tara Jepsen; Shawna Kenney; Kevin Killian; Chris Kraus; Bee Lavender; Ricky Lee; J. T. LeRoy; Ali Liebegott; Inga Muscio; Eileen Myles; Alvin Orloff; Pauley P.; Loren Rhoads; Jan Richman; Steve Salardino; Sara Seinberg; Anna Joy Springer; Horehound Stillpoint; Laurie Stone; Jackie Strano; and Michelle Tea

artist monograph by Marco Breuer
includes the short story "The Venetian Pool"
Roth Horowitz Press, 2002

Gay Travels: A Literary Companion
anthology includes the short story "A Desert Shade"
Whereabouts Press, 1998
Edited by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

short story
The James White Review
Summer 1997

Best American Gay Fiction 1996
anthology, includes the short story "The Medicine Burns"
Little Brown and Co., 1996
Edited by Brian Bouldrey

Re/Mapping the Occident
anthology, includes the short story "Territories"
University of California Press, 1995
Edited by Bryan Joachim Malessa and John Jason Mitchell

Men on Men 5
anthology, includes the short story "Club Feet"
Plume, 1994
Edited by David Bergman
*Nominated for the Lambda Literary Award for Fiction Anthologies

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